We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to one another and are sent to serve the world.

Church Mission Statement

Lenox Road Baptist Church exists to make disciples, followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to one another and are sent to serve the world. We seek to reach people, welcoming them into our fellowship and introducing them to faith in Christ; we work to help them grow in personal discipleship and we send them to ministry and leadership.

What We Believe

  1. We believe that the Bible is the final authority and is trustworthy for Faith and Practice.
  2. We advocate Baptism for believers only. We do not claim that baptism is necessary for salvation, but it is essential if we are to be obedient to our Lord in following His example and instruction. We do not believe in infant baptism. Parents bring young children to us to be blessed or dedicated to the Lord.
  3. We have a strong belief in the Priesthood of all believers. Also, that the freedom to respond to the Lordship of Christ in all circumstances is fundamental to the Christian gospel. That witness to Christ is the ongoing task of every Christian and of every church.
  4. We share the conviction that the New Testament teaches the independence of the local congregation. Each church is a divinely appointed unit.
  5. We place a strong emphasis on Evangelism and Mission.
  6. We believe that Salvation comes by Grace through Faith without human merit or works of any kind.
  7. Most importantly, we at the Lenox Road Baptist Church affirm that God is sovereign over all and that this sovereignty is expressed and realized through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we affirm the Lordship of Christ over the world and the church.