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Sunday School Superintendent : Ferne Maycock

Sunday School Time 9:00am to 10:30am, Classes from Kindergarten to adults
KIDS Church Supervisor: Kattia Gordon


Kids Choice Awards

The Presenter: RealFun curriculum presenter is someone who has the ability to connect to children.
Depending on your group, this can be a volunteer, staff person or teen leader. This series also welcomes the
use of multiple presenters as it offers multiple parts that can be presented by a variety of personalities.

The Audience: Kids Choice Awards series is designed to be used for elementary children (age 5 to 5th


Kids Choice Awards curriculum has several elements offered weekly. It offers powerpoint
presentations, teaching aids, small group sessions and step by step instructions on presentation.

The Big Idea: This is the main point of the weeks lesson. Say it, repeat it, and have the kids do the same.
Memory Verse: Kids Choice Awards offers one verse for the entire 4 week series. This will enable the kids
to get a strong handle on the verse so it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Memory Verse Activity: There is a different activity offered each week to help teach the memory verse in an
interactive way. It gets the kids moving as they learn.

Bible Story/ Message: This portion offers a variety of ways to teach the lesson of the week. Bible stories and
object lessons will help drive home the point.

Slime Time Game: Games are meant to be fun… so do just that. The games in this series have one common

Review Game: This is offered in powerpoint and will reinforce many of the elements of the service. It is also
nice in case “big” church service goes long!

Weekly Schedule: Kids Choice Awards offers a suggested weekly schedule that will fit all the elements of the
curriculum in the allotted time.


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