Baptism & Communion

This committee prepares the elements for Holy Communion and assists in the preparation of the candidates for baptism.

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Black History Committee

This ministry seeks to enlighten our community about the history, challenges, and victories of peoples of the African Diaspora. Through drama and other media, we present our relationship with God across the African Diaspora and throughout our journey as a people. We seek to provide opportunities through dance, song, music, spoken word and visual imagery that causes one to reflect, hope and persevere.   Purchase Your Book Today!

Communications Ministry

We share the Word of God far beyond the walls of our church. Discover our ministry online, from anywhere in the world. We exist to use this ministry as a vehicle to enhance the delivery of God’s word. Our goal is to communicate the Pastor’s vision both externally and internally via various channels i.e. Social Media, Internet, and the preached word. We pray that Lenox Road Baptist Church will be known for its ability to communicate in a simple, timely, accurate and efficient manner while making disciples.

Dance Ministry

Building strong minds and bodies is critical to a youth's spiritual development. We provide several ministries to embrace our youths' wants, needs, and energy.


Funeral Policy Lenox Road Baptist Church (Adapted from Baptist Church Policy)   A Christian funeral is a service of thanksgiving – thanksgiving for the life of the person who is no longer among us, and thanksgiving for the hope we have through faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, the funeral both remembers the deceased and proclaims our hope in Christ. A funeral is always a service of worship, so the decorum and focus of worshiping God will be central.   Please click to read the Funeral Policy at LRBC

Health Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide first aid during worship, to make prompt decisions in crisis, to protect any person in a health emergency on the church’s premises, and to protect the church from liability. This ministry seeks to educate the congregation and the community on the use of the health care delivery system through health fairs and seminars. The ministry regularly sponsors blood drives and blood pressure screening.

KIDS Church

Kids In Divine Service KIDS Church ministry seeks to provide an alternative worship experience for children (grades 1 through 5) during the regular worship service.

Marriage Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a wholesome environment where the issues concerning marriages can be positively addressed such as ethics, morality, interpersonal communication etc. These programs are geared to provide individuals and couples with wholesome interaction with others both inside and outside of the church.

Men’s Ministry

There is indeed a crisis regarding the absence of strong male leadership in the black church. As a result, the Men’s Ministry seeks to strengthen the spiritual life of its members, to teach the rudiments of Christian manhood, how, to take responsibility for their actions and to develop their leadership skills. This ministry helps those who are struggling and hurting by providing emotional support and care. It provides guidance for the younger men, especially those without fathers to model their lives after

Mentor Ministry

This ministry seeks to create healthy, supportive and empowering relationships between our young people and their mentors. It's a great opportunity to share your gifts and talents with a young person in our community and to be a positive influence.


Then Nursery ministry seeks to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the infants, toddlers, and parents of our Church. We have a diverse play area, educational center and various crafts are made each month. Also, the infant’s parents are able to view the church service while sitting in the nursery.

Praise Team

The purpose of the Praise and Worship Team is to lead God’s people in praise and worship through welcoming and ushering in His Holy Spirit. We want to magnify and exalt the Lord in our hearts. When worshippers are drawn into God’s presence, they speak to Him, and listen to Him. We rejoice when our mission has been accomplished.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry is open to men and women; if you feel led by the spirit, feel free to join us. We read God’s word, have open discussion about the scripture, where we learn and grow spiritually together. We are in constant prayer for our Pastor and his family, the ministerial team, all ministry leaders, congregation, visitors, worship services and the finances for the building. We pray for our President and his family, the economy, members of the Armed Forces, world peace, our youths and the community.

Scholarship Ministry

It is the goal of this ministry to play an active role in the lives of our college students. An integral part of this ministry’s mission is to inform the church of the needs of our students and to assist with financial management through special events and pledges.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION   SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Please be advised that the Lenox Road Baptist Church Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 academic school year; from graduating high school students who are members or active attendees of the Lenox Road Baptist Church.   Qualifications are as follows: 1. Lenox Road Baptist Church member in good standing or active attendees 2. High School Graduating Senior (only) 3. Grade Point Average 3.0 or higher ( B or higher) Requirements are as follows: 1. Submission of the Lenox Road Baptist Church Scholarship Application (Typed only) 2. Two Letters of Recommendation (from the attending school and employer if applicable). The recommendations should attest to your academic performance and work ethics. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM CHURCH OFFICIALS OR MEMBERS ARE NOT PERMITTED 3. Official Transcript - Due to the COVID-19 email transcript will be accepted. 4. One essay (typed only, hand written essay will not be accepted) - Discuss why you should be selected for the Lenox Road Baptist Church Academic Scholarship. - Discuss your intended major, why the major was chosen, and how it will be applied upon graduation from college.   All emails must be received by mid-night June 26, 2022 to and copy CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION   LRBC Application Requirements 2022-2023 LRBC Scholarship Fund Applic. Criteria 2022-2023

Security Ministry

We ensure a safe space to worship, fellowship and connect.

Seniors Ministry

We work to share the Word with members of our ministry who, because of their age, may have differing needs in achieving their social and spiritual goals. This ministry focuses on the needs of those adults 62 years and over. It deals with issues concerning retirement, finances, health and health care coverage, loneliness, mobility, sickness, and widowhood.

Small Group Ministry

As the Church expands, it’s the goal of the Small Group Ministry to not allow members to get lost in expansion. Small Group ministry is a time of fellowship and fun for all who want to be a part. Meetings are held twice a month, where prepared questions from sermons are discussed In the meetings. [gravityform id="31" title="true" description="false"]

Social Concerns Ministry

The goal of this ministry, as part of the church’s outreach mission, is to provide its members and the surrounding community with information and assistance on various important issues, such as health concerns, housing, financial planning, employment, entrepreneurship and business development, etc.

Sports Ministry

The Sports Ministry program is used as an evangelistic tool used to teach Christian values and to win young people to Christ. It encompasses basketball, netball, volleyball, exercise program and other recreational activities.

Stewardship & Missions

We are a mission-oriented church- reaching out to those in need to represent God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Study Hall

Study Hall provides a safe and supportive environment for students in elementary, middle, and high school to complete homework, receive tutoring, and academic support. [gravityform id="33" title="true" description="true"]

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is a scripture-based program that provides systematic teaching of the word of God for children as well as adults. We meet every Sunday at 9AM REGISTER YOUR STUDENT BELOW: [gravityform id="35" title="true" description="true"]

Transportation Ministry

This ministry provides transportation for the church body. More consistently, it provides pick-up services for Sunday School students and also for the Seniors on Sundays.

Women’s Ministry

The aim of this ministry is to build the spiritual, social, economic and personal life of the women of this church. It addresses issues affecting women in our society, in the family and in places of employment. This ministry is a support and advocate for all women in the church, especially, those who are struggling and hurting. It deals with relationships, unemployment, spiritual development and provides guidance for Christian woman.

Ushers Ministry

The Usher’s Ministry serves the congregation as greeters and hosts in every worship service.

Young Adult Connect

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a wholesome environment where the issues concerning Young Adults ages 21-35 can be positively addressed such as career, ethics, morality, interpersonal communication etc. Check out some of our past events below!

Youth Ministry

This Ministry seeks to encourage the youth to become more expressive in their faith through interactive programs and study of the Word of God. It provides an outlet for them to openly discuss their life’s challenges and how to appropriately handle them.